Pal Shiwa Tashi Tardjeling Gonpa in Tibet

Pal Shiwa Lhatim Tashi Thardjeling Gonpa, in Tibet


Shiwa Lhatim Tashi Targye Ling Gonpa (Monastery) is located in the Nyagrong Valley of the Kham region of eastern Tibet and is one of the branches of Kathok Monastery in this area. The complete name of this valley in Tibetan is Nyagrong Adzin Lupa. This name signifies that the river valley is shaped like the Tibetan letter AH when written in u-me script (cursive Tibetan writing). The hook part of the letter AH is exactly where the Gonpa sits. This Gonpa is Lama Chimed's home area Gonpa and is about a 20 minute walk from the family house.


small photoThe name Shiwa Lhatim signifies the 42 peaceful dieties. When the first Kathok Drimed Shing Kyong saw the land for the first time, before the Gonpa was there, he saw all the 42 peaceful dieties dissolve into the earth exactly at this point. After he saw this he said to construct a Gonpa on that spot and call it Shiwa Lhatim and that this would increase the auspiciousness to the limits of the universe. This is the second part of the name, Tashi Targye, which means to increase the auspiciousness to the limit. After Drimed Shing Kyong announced this, he took small bushes in his hands and did Lama dancing on the spot and he said that this Gonpa should hold Kathok lama dance lineages. Later, Lama Dromla Palden went to Kathok to learn lama dancing and mask making to bring these traditions back to Shiwa Lhatim Tashi Targye Ling.


Later, the Nyagrong King Gonpo Namgyal, an emanation of Mahakala, who was very powerful, came from this area and he held this Gonpa.


There are many amazing stories about things that have happened at Shiwa Lhatim Targye Ling. Some of the stories involve Nola Pema Dudul who was the last of the 100,000 Kathok lamas who achieved rainbow bodies and who was also one of the teachers of Terchen Lerab Lingpa. One story is about a Drubschen where Nola Pema Dudul was the vajra master and there were many high Tibetan Lamas present. This was a Guru Rinpoche Drubschen, Padma Odbar Drubschen (lotus blazing light), where me-drup (dutsi) was increased to the point that it flew around to all the workers and there were rainbows everywhere. The Nyagrong King, Gonpo Namgyal, was also present during this ceremony and this is when Nola Pema Dudul became the root lama of the king.


This was the Gonpa where Lama Chimed began his formal monastic education. He lived there as a youth and the house where he lived, which was built for him, is still considered his house and is still maintained by his family. Various relatives have occupied the house since he left some 30 years ago and currently his 6 year old nephew, Tensin Pelgye, and Lama Chimed's Mother (Ama) are living there. Tensin Pelgye is undergoing monastic training and Ama is taking care of him during his training.


During Lama Chimed's visit to Tibet in 2004, when Lama Agne was dying, he requested that Lama Chimed sponsor the re-initiation of two drubschens at the Gonpa. These drubschens had been a yearly tradition until they had been prohibited and after the rules were loosened there had been no money to restart the tradition. At that time, Lama Chimed was able to request a loan from his future Mother in law to provide the seed money to enable these two drubschens, Shiwa and Dongsu, to re-start in 2004. And in 2007 Lama Chimed was able to offer 180 books, 120 small skull cups and 100 conch's from Brazil for the traditional implements of these drubschens.


In 2005 Lama Chimed initiated construction of a prayer wheel house at the Gonpa to fulfill a Moh (divination from Khempo Ngagchung) to help Lama Chimed's Mother-in-law who was diagnosed with a brain tumor. At that point the Gonpa did not have a large prayer wheel as the original had been destroyed many years prior. When Lama Chimed visited the Gonpa in 2007 he oversaw the final stages of construction of the prayer wheel and it's consecration. Even though Lama Chimed now lives in Brazil he continues to function as one of the Shiwa Lhathim Gonpa Lamas and they continue to share dharma activities. May all dharma activity and blessings continue to increase at Shiwa Lhathim Gonpa and in all the world.


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