Saga Dawa 2017

Saga Dawa Is commemorated during the fourth month on the Tibetan calendar. On our western calendar for 2017 this is starting the 25th of May and ending the 23rd of June. Doing practice during this month generates great merit and on the following dates the merit is multiplied:

May 25th, new moon, Saga Dawa starts

June 1st marks Buddha Shakyamuni’s birthday

June 9th, full moon, celebrates Buddha's Englightenment and his Parinirvana.

June 23rd, new moon, Saga Dawa ends.


Traditionally during Saga Dawa the vows of Sojon are taken and Buddha Shakyamuni practice is performed with mantra accumulation. On the above dates we will also light butterlamps and recite the Heart Sutra.

Buddha Shakyamuni 


"To fully restore all positivity,

To clear away all negativity;

To replenish virtue and purify harmful deeds."

"This is the practice of Sojong".


The Sojon Vows are:

No killing, no stealing, no sexual activity, no lying, no alcohol, no sleeping or sitting on high or luxurious beds or seats, no eating after lunchtime, no using perfumes, no wearing of jewelry or jewels, no dancing, no singing and only using music for ceremonies.

Traditionally the vows are taken early in the morning (when the sun rises over Mount Meru) and returned the following morning.

To participate in the practice of Sojon, it is best if you come to the center and stay the night before you wish to receive the vows or come to the center before 6:00 in the morning as the vows will be given at 6am. We have beds and blankets available but it is necessary to bring your own sheets, towels (or borrow them for a R$20 laundry fee) and a flashlight. There will be a charge of R$30 per day for the practice and R$30 per night. The nightly charge includes breakfast and the daily charge includes lunch.

Daily practice will include prayers and mantra of Buddha Shakyamuni as well as various types of work in the temple. We will also be doing a Sur ceremony in the afternoons to make offerings for the unseen beings in the Formless Realm that we will invite to receive these offerings.

Texts for Sojon will be available. Once a practitioner receives the oral transmission from Lama Chimed it is possible to take the vows yourself, at home or in any location, in the presence of a form or image of the Buddha, a stupa or other representation of the Dharma.

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