Green Tara Drupschod 2017

During the Easter Holiday, 14th to 16th of April


Lama ChimedGreen Tara is referred to as the Great Mother as she is considered the Mother of all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. Green Tara embodies the activity of all Buddhas and her special quality is protecting from the eight terrors*(listed below). The practice of Green Tara is also helpful to dispel the suffering and emotional turbulence of these times. All four schools of Tibetan Buddhism practice Green Tara so consequently it is one of the most frequently practiced pujas in Tibet.


This event will mark the sevnth time we have had the Green Tara Drupschod at Dorje Chokhor Ling.


The Drupschod will start with Lama Chimed giving an empowerment for the practice (either an empowerment or an oral transmission is required to participate). The empowerment will be at 10:00 on the Friday, 14th of April, and at 2:00 in the afternoon the actual ceremonies will start. Drupschod ceremonies on the Saturday will be from 9:00 until 18:00 and on Sunday from 6:00 until 12:00. Since Sunday is the last day of the drupschod we will ask everyone to be there at 6:00 for receiving the essence of the blessings of the practice - siddhis. The Drupschod is scheduled to end at noon.


This Drubschod will use the text "O Ritual da Mandala, a Essência das Duas Acumulações, da Essência Profunda de Tara -- um Tesouro da Mente", a terma from the grand terton Chogyur Lingpa. Also, practitioners will need the “Lotus Heart” sadhana as this contains all of the extra prayers we will use during the event (except for the Sojon Vows). These texts will be available.


*The eight terrors and the afflictive emotions they represent:
fear of fire (anger)                          fear of imprisonment (avarice)
fear of lions (pride)                          fear of floods (attachment)
fear of elephants (ignorance)           fear of demons (doubt)
fear of snakes (envy)                        fear of robbers (wrong views)


Oral Transmission of Words of my Perfect Teacher

Six years ago at our first Green Tara Drupschod Lama Chimed initiated the oral transmission of the first part of Patrul Rinpoche's book, The Words of My Perfect Teacher. He started giving this oral transmission because of a question a student had asked him in the weeks before the drupschod. Since the book is very long, Lama Chimed was not able to finish the transmission of the first section, the Outer Ngondro, so in the following years he continued it; and he will also do so this year.

There are two reasons that this is a very special oral transmission: first, receiving it will help incubate and ripen the blessings of reading and studying this text and secondly, this oral transmission carries with it the connection of the lineage and with Lama Chimed the lineage of the oral transmission is very short; from Patrul Rinpoche to his student Longtok Tengpi Nyima to his student Khenpo Ngagchung who is Lama Chimed's teacher.

The oral transmission will be given during the lunch breaks and in the evenings of the Drupschod.



Sleeping accommodations are dormitory style and rooms are separated by gender. We ask everyone to bring their own sheets, towels and flashlight. If you are unable to bring your own sheets and towels, we do have these available to use; however, a R$20 laundry fee will be added for each set (two sheets, pillow case + towel) borrowed.

We also have areas for camping or sleeping outside for those of you that have the proper equipment.


Since Visconde de Mauá is well known for its beauty and tourist attractions, there are an ample number of posadas available in all price ranges. Please refer to the following sites for details:,

We are also providing a partial list of pousadas closer to the center and ones that we have heard more about.



The Green Tara Drupschod will be held for a period of three days and two nights. Please take note of the mandatory vegetarian diet during the entire day you will attend.

Previous registration is required for attending the Drupschod. Value: R$600.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included.

To register, please use our online registration form.

Note1: If you can't be here for the empowerment, this is not an issue, as Lama Chimed will be giving the oral transmission daily, to allow new participants to do the practice. On the other hand, there will be an additional charge of R$30 per night for the food and accommodations if you plan to arrive before the start of the drupschod or stay after its closing.

Note2: If you have individual dietary restrictions, please provide your own food to accommodate your needs and understand that the kitchens will be used primarily to prepare food for everyone to share.


Additional notices:

-There is a Tsog (food offering) ritual as part of the Green Tara practice each day. It is auspicious and generates merit to offer substances used in the Tsog ceremony. We will accept food, drink or monetary offerings to add to the Tsog from those attending or from those who are unable to attend. We ask that offerings are accompanied by a written dedication which will be read during the Tsog.

-Lama Chimed would like everyone that will attend any part of the Green Tara Drubschod to know it is important not to eat any meat on the day of attendance. Tara is in the action tantra class of practices and eating meat is not a part of this family of practices. So please, eat a vegetarian diet without eggs for the entire day, each day you will attend this drupschod.