Wrathful Guru Yeshe Rabar Drupschod 2017

Wrathful GuruA practice from an Old Treasure (TerNying) of the Dzogchen Master Kathog Rigdzin Longsal Nyingpo.

During the Carnival Holiday '17: Wrathful Guru Yeshe Rabar Drupschod starts Saturday, February 25th at 9am, with the empowerment conferred by Lama Chimed Rigdzin; and ends Wednesday, March 1st, at 11am.

Costs and Accomodations

To attend the entire Wrathful Guru Yeshe Rabar Drupschod for all the five days and to sleep at the Gonpa for four nights we ask for a minimum offering of R$600. If you will attend the Drupschod and sleep elsewhere we ask for a minimum offering of R$500. Three vegetarian meals each day are included either way. There will be an additional charge of R$30 per night for the food and accommodations if you plan to arrive before the start of the Drupschod or stay after its closing.

Note: If you have individual dietary restrictions, please provide your own food to accommodate your needs and understand that the kitchens will be used primarily to prepare food for everyone to share.

The dormitories are separated by gender. We suggest everyone to bring their own sheets, towels and a flashlight; however, we do have a few kits with sheets and towels available for borrowing, at a R$20 laundry fee.

Registration for events at Dorje Chokhor Ling must be made beforehand, and you start the process by filling out the form available on this website. Additional information will then be sent to your recorded email. Your registration will be validated once we have the confirmation of your bank deposit of 50% of the value (non-refundable).

Registration in advance is necessary for the planning of the event. For the participant, it allows lodging in better conditions. Please, do not leave it for the last minute.

If you choose to sleep in a pousada, we have here a partial list to help you on your search.

All those who wish to attend must request permission from Lama Chimed beforehand.

Click to register for the Wrathful Guru Yeshe Rabar Drupschod.